Friday, November 19, 2010

Football, a passion!

The bottom picture is of my youngest grandson, Carter Johnson. He plays for Shawnee Mission South's fifth grade football team. I got to watch him play a couple of weeks ago. Also got a picture of him sacking the Quarterback. He had a good day. I enjoyed watching him play.
The top two photos are of the South Shelby Cardinals. They are in Class One, which is the smallest class here in Missouri. They were playing in the Quarter finals against the number one team in the state. Unfortunately we lost 13 to 6. We have been ranked fifth most of the year. It was a heartbreaker. We've had some great teams in the past. We won the state championship in 2006, and usually make it into the playoffs. I go and support them and take photos to put on facebook so the kids and family can enjoy. X.