Monday, March 29, 2010

My Love Affair With The Mustang

When I got home from Vietnam in 1967 I fell in love with the new Mustang. Especailly the Shelby GT 350. I wanted one so bad it hurt. But I was a young father with a daughter and a wife. At the time common sense won out and I ended up buying a Fairlane 500, family car.

However, over the years I still dreamed of getting either a 67' or 68' Mustang one day. Fast forward to the 90's, I started looking for a 67' to fix up. By this time they were becoming a hot item. Muscle Car's were 'in'. The 67' was one of the most popular one to fix up. But they had gotten out of reach for my pocket book. One that was in terrible shape was bringing 20 to 30 thousand, before you even did anything to it.

In 2007 I decided to buy a new one. I found this white one on a dealers lot. They had added the blue stripes, hood scoop and window louvre's. It looked very similar to the 67' Shelby. I bought it new and added a different grill to mimic the 67' and also added hood pins. Also, added some performance parts to the motor and exhaust system. It really didn't need any thing extra. It was just the kid in me coming out I guess. There I was at sixty going thru a childhood I never had the chance to have as a young man.

The Mustang was on my 'Bucket List'. That story will have to wait for another post. X.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sprout Time

Well, the tomatoes and peppers I planted are up. Will probably be able to transfer them to the cold frame in a couple of weeks. We got a little cold last night, but I think the temps should be going up soon. X.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cold Frame For Lazy Man's Garden

Here is the cold frame I made for the top of my lazy man's garden. I put hinges on one end so I could access the inside. I was going to use plexiglass but after pricing a 4x8 sheet ($160.00) I decided to go with 4 mil clear plastic instead. It was $4.95 for a 8x50ft roll. Quite a difference. I put it on with lathes and screws.

I removed the old media from the raised garden and put it in one of the strawberry beds I made last fall. I added some new mix to my raised garden. I made the frame from treated 2x6's. It could have been made with 1x6's but as usual I go for stout stuff. I tapered the 8 ft. peices from the full width down to 2 1/2" so it would have some slope and to reduce weight.

For you 'bendy' people, you could just put this on the ground and either till a spot or add potting mix. Us lazy ol gizzars like the raised bed method. I'll just remove the screws from the hinges after I've finished with the cold frame this spring so I can raise vegi's. X.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Indian Coconut Head

This is one of two Indian Coconut Heads. They are about 65 years old give or take a few years. My dad acquired them in the Pacific in the mid 40's while he was serving our country during WWII. They used to be hanging on a wall at my grandparents house when I was a kid. They were in the spare bedroom upstairs. The one with the door which led to the attic. This one now hangs in my shop.

I'm telling you where they were because the two heads have scared the bejesus out of at lest a dozen or more grandkids over the years, me included. The bedroom where they hung on the wall was sort of creepy anyway. The doorway leading to the attic was always thought to be the hiding place of many a spook. And in the darkness while you were laying in bed, and you thought you heard noises coming from the stairway, if you glanced over at the heads you would swear they were watching you.

Years later I would find out that my dad had given this one to me and the other to my Uncle, who was a year older than me, several years after he came home from the war. But when I was a kid growing up they were just these two spooky heads that were in "that" room.

A few years ago my younger brother GP was asking me and my uncle where the heads were at. Sam went and got the one that he had and showed it to him, and told him he didn't know where the other one was. When, he knew that I had the other head. So as of today GP doesn't know that I have it. At least not until he see's this blog posting. He checks in every once in a while. Until then he may remain in the dark, in that scary bedroom, wondering where that Indian Coconut Head went;^)> X.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jumpstarting Our Garden

GiGi has a frame we bring into the kitchen about this time every year. I started some pepper and tomatoe seeds wendesday. We're still waiting on some seeds to come in to finish up. The frame has florescent lighting to help things grow.

Just a couple of weeks ago we had a foot of snow on the ground and the temps were dropping down to below zero. It's hard to believe since the last three days it has been in the lower 60's. Seems like we went from a foot of snow to 6 inches of mud overnight. But the warm weather sure has given me spring fever. Mother Nature is a most unpredictable ol gal, but I'll take what she's dishin out right now.

I'm getting ready to make a cover for the raised stand that I showed you earlier. I'll use plexiglass to turn it into a cold frame. Got the plans in my head, just haven't turned it into the real thing yet. I'll put some pictures up when I get it done. X.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Photo Tag

Mary over at Moontides tagged me with photo tag.
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Tag five other bloggers.

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My picture is from my Ancestry album. In 2004 I went on 'the run for the wall' on Memorial Day. Basically it's where Vietnam Vet bikers ride thier motorcycles to the memorial wall in Washington D.C.

Prior to going out there, I had found where my great great grandmother was raised on a farm near Strasburg Va. near a place called Fishers Hill. So, I called the landowner and made plans to visit the old home site. I have posted a picture of the stone home place on a former post. The house and this barn were built in the 1700's.

One of the things I found interesting about the barn, were the vertical slits that you see in the rock foundation to the left of the landowner. They were narrow on the outside and wider on the inside. They were used by my ancesters as windows to shoot out of when they were attacked by indians. Another thing of interest is that the supports and floor joists were made of whole timbers. I found it amazing that this structure was still standing and still being used by the present landowner. X.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Tanya

My first born was Tanya Faith. She was born on the Ides of March 1967, while I was fighting in Vietnam. It would be 7 months before I first laid eyes on her at a truckstop in Brookfield Mo. It's a moment I will never forget. The truckstop is gone now with only a slab of concrete where the parking lot was. But I think about that first meeting every time I pass there.

Happy Birthday darlin. May you have many more. Dad

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thanks Ladies

I was away from blogland for about a week and when I returned friday noticed I had received a couple of awards. One from Moonwolf. The beautiful blogger award. Ok, Moonwolf in case you hadn't noticed I'm a "pretty ugly" ol' codger, but thanks anyway. I like your blog and would recommend it to everyone.

Also received the Sunshine Award from Mary at Moontides. She has a bunch of neat blogs. And is someone I have a lot of respect for. Thanks Mary.

7 things about me.

1. I'm a Libra born on the cusp.

2. I'm a Dog in Chinesse astrology.

3. I love the full moon. I see a rabbit in the moon.

4. I believe in reincarnation. Had dreams of other lives as a child.

5. I use the letter I a lot ;^)>

6. Am old enough to know better, but still do once in a while.

7. Have the greatest daughters and grandkids in the world.

There are a lot of great blogs out there. You'll find a lead to Moonwolf and Moontides to the right. Thanks again Ladies. X.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pretty Ugly---Never, Say Never and Other Oxymorons................

This little guy is almost so ugly that he is cute. He is an Aye Aye from Madagascar. I found him when I looked up "pretty ugly" which is an oxymoron. Put a Van Dyke on him and he could pass for my twin brother. If you look up oxymoron they say it is words which contradict one another.

I've never been accused of being a moron, but if I were one, I might feel comfortable being an oxymoron. Since I can be contrary and on occasion do contradict myself and others.

"Never, say never". How many times have I made this statement to someone? Of course trying to pass on some of the infinite wisdom I've been unfortunate enough to come by. As I've made some "never" statement that I lived to regret. "Never" statements are subject to the boomerang effect. They'll come back and get ya.

"Friendly War". There's an oxymoron if there ever was one. There is nothing friendly about war. Killing is killing. Nothing friendly about that.

"Half full vs. Half empty". I'll go with "half full" it's more positive.

"Hells Angels". This term came about during WWII. Fighter pilots came up with it. Of course the motorcycle club by that name claim that is how they were originated. I doubt it though. They have tried to portray themselves as good old boys. I have been close to a couple in my life and I know better.

"Goverment Assistance". This is as contradictory as it gets. Goverment doesn't do anything but complicate and thow up barriers. The only assisting they do is for themselves and the fat cats. They may go to Washington with good intentions, but they all go home with dirty hands.

"Bitter Sweet". There's one for you. I recall a visit I was having with an ex-brother in law of mine about two years after I divorced my first wife. I believe it was the year Elvis died. Anyway we were riding around drinking beer one day and he says, " Do you think there's a chance you and Faye might get back together"? My response was, "Why? Is Hell freezing over"? He got a big chuckle out of my reply. So, there you are, I was still bitter, but that reply sure was sweet. X.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Male Ego

I think one of the main differences in men and women is the way a male deals with his ego. Men for some reason, (biologically probably)are obsessed with the importance of how they are percieved by others, especailly other men. This can be a problem at times and at other times it serves a good purpose.

When I was a kid growing up in a small rural community in the midwest, I lived in town. The kids who lived in the country on farms usually looked down on us. Most of them were better off financially maybe that had something to do with it.

I recall an incident that happened when I was in the 5th grade. I was sweet on a girl by the name of Denise. She was in the grade behind me. I would wait for her after school and would walk her home. One evening, as we walked by the school buses as they were loading with country kids, a boy in my class named Terry McDuffee grabbed Denises hat and threw it on the ground into the mud. Where upon I unleashed my rage on McDuffee. Even though his was bigger than me I grabbed him and threw him into the mud and pounced on top of him and bloodied his nose. I got up and told him to pick up the hat and give it back to Denise. Which he did. I'm sure his ego was severly damaged from that incident. To take a pummeling in front of his friends had to be a devastating blow. My ego, on the the otherhand was feeling pretty good. The religious man would have said that I should have turned the other cheek. Picked up Denises hat and walked on. I think most men would have reacted much as I did. It's in our makeup. It's what we do. Sometimes women just don't understand that part of us. But then again there are a lot of things about women that we don't understand. I suppose it's that way for a reason. X.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Time is Near

Went out last night to snap a picture of the full moon. Sky was hazy and the moon didn't come thru very good. Dug out some of my seeds this morning. We have a stand that we start seeds in. It has a floresant light hanging in it to get things growing. We'll probably bring it in soon to get things planted.

I finally found some of the giant calico lima beans like I used to grow. Hadn't been able to find any for several years. They are really good and have sort of a nutty flavor. Going to try some new varieties of squash and melon this time.

Heard a Robin as I was going to the shop this morning. Hopefully that's a good sign. Our temps are supposed to be up some this week. Maybe we can shed some of this snow. Long range forecast says rain all next week. Anyway, perhaps the weather is about to change for the good.

Have any of you raised blueberries? I planted two plants last year. They seem to slow growing. Is this normal for them? X.