Monday, March 1, 2010

Time is Near

Went out last night to snap a picture of the full moon. Sky was hazy and the moon didn't come thru very good. Dug out some of my seeds this morning. We have a stand that we start seeds in. It has a floresant light hanging in it to get things growing. We'll probably bring it in soon to get things planted.

I finally found some of the giant calico lima beans like I used to grow. Hadn't been able to find any for several years. They are really good and have sort of a nutty flavor. Going to try some new varieties of squash and melon this time.

Heard a Robin as I was going to the shop this morning. Hopefully that's a good sign. Our temps are supposed to be up some this week. Maybe we can shed some of this snow. Long range forecast says rain all next week. Anyway, perhaps the weather is about to change for the good.

Have any of you raised blueberries? I planted two plants last year. They seem to slow growing. Is this normal for them? X.

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  1. never have grown blueberries... a bit envious that you have them.... I love them... and they are so good for you... Sounds like you have the garden bug.. I think alot of us do... hopefully it will warm up now that march has come..