Monday, March 22, 2010

Indian Coconut Head

This is one of two Indian Coconut Heads. They are about 65 years old give or take a few years. My dad acquired them in the Pacific in the mid 40's while he was serving our country during WWII. They used to be hanging on a wall at my grandparents house when I was a kid. They were in the spare bedroom upstairs. The one with the door which led to the attic. This one now hangs in my shop.

I'm telling you where they were because the two heads have scared the bejesus out of at lest a dozen or more grandkids over the years, me included. The bedroom where they hung on the wall was sort of creepy anyway. The doorway leading to the attic was always thought to be the hiding place of many a spook. And in the darkness while you were laying in bed, and you thought you heard noises coming from the stairway, if you glanced over at the heads you would swear they were watching you.

Years later I would find out that my dad had given this one to me and the other to my Uncle, who was a year older than me, several years after he came home from the war. But when I was a kid growing up they were just these two spooky heads that were in "that" room.

A few years ago my younger brother GP was asking me and my uncle where the heads were at. Sam went and got the one that he had and showed it to him, and told him he didn't know where the other one was. When, he knew that I had the other head. So as of today GP doesn't know that I have it. At least not until he see's this blog posting. He checks in every once in a while. Until then he may remain in the dark, in that scary bedroom, wondering where that Indian Coconut Head went;^)> X.


  1. The item in the scary dark bedroom of my grandparents' was a set of longhorns. When my Uncle died, I wasn't allowed to have anything, but I foiled my surviving Uncle and bought the horns in the estate auction! They now hang in our front hall! I don't think the other cousins know to this day....

  2. Yep, that's pretty darned scary. I'd be scared of it even now!