Monday, March 29, 2010

My Love Affair With The Mustang

When I got home from Vietnam in 1967 I fell in love with the new Mustang. Especailly the Shelby GT 350. I wanted one so bad it hurt. But I was a young father with a daughter and a wife. At the time common sense won out and I ended up buying a Fairlane 500, family car.

However, over the years I still dreamed of getting either a 67' or 68' Mustang one day. Fast forward to the 90's, I started looking for a 67' to fix up. By this time they were becoming a hot item. Muscle Car's were 'in'. The 67' was one of the most popular one to fix up. But they had gotten out of reach for my pocket book. One that was in terrible shape was bringing 20 to 30 thousand, before you even did anything to it.

In 2007 I decided to buy a new one. I found this white one on a dealers lot. They had added the blue stripes, hood scoop and window louvre's. It looked very similar to the 67' Shelby. I bought it new and added a different grill to mimic the 67' and also added hood pins. Also, added some performance parts to the motor and exhaust system. It really didn't need any thing extra. It was just the kid in me coming out I guess. There I was at sixty going thru a childhood I never had the chance to have as a young man.

The Mustang was on my 'Bucket List'. That story will have to wait for another post. X.


  1. Nice looking car...and as for going through childhood at 60, it's a great feeling, isn't it? I love to color and even went so far as to get myself some paper dolls, but playing with them was not the same so I put them away. I've lost that imagination I had in my youth...but coloring? Every once in awhile when I have a stressful day, I get out the old book and crayons and have a ball.

  2. sweet looking car... I have always loved the mustangs... my favorite sport car by far....