Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cold Frame For Lazy Man's Garden

Here is the cold frame I made for the top of my lazy man's garden. I put hinges on one end so I could access the inside. I was going to use plexiglass but after pricing a 4x8 sheet ($160.00) I decided to go with 4 mil clear plastic instead. It was $4.95 for a 8x50ft roll. Quite a difference. I put it on with lathes and screws.

I removed the old media from the raised garden and put it in one of the strawberry beds I made last fall. I added some new mix to my raised garden. I made the frame from treated 2x6's. It could have been made with 1x6's but as usual I go for stout stuff. I tapered the 8 ft. peices from the full width down to 2 1/2" so it would have some slope and to reduce weight.

For you 'bendy' people, you could just put this on the ground and either till a spot or add potting mix. Us lazy ol gizzars like the raised bed method. I'll just remove the screws from the hinges after I've finished with the cold frame this spring so I can raise vegi's. X.


  1. Great idea...and lots of money saved. I'm thinking of what I can do this summer to have some kind of plantlife. I've such a huge backyard, but the kids next door are always tossing balls over and trampling my plants. They actually climb over the fence...Then there is those little white bugs that ate everything...and the people upstairs...Lots of reasons not to waste time and energy. The year I did it, I ended up crying as everything was destroyed. I miss my old place. But something like what you built would be great for my back porch.

    By the way, love your new header.

  2. You could downsize from what I have made. Use 1x's and it would save a little on weight and money.
    I've been switching every few days on the header, posting photos I took on my trip last fall with my uncle. I believe the one up now was from Yellowstone Park. X.

  3. Oh! I so think raised beds are the kitties you know... And they're not that hard to build, are they! I think the one thing folks don't think about is the amount of water they need. Better to keep them out of the wind too...

  4. Mine doesn't take any more water than normal. The media I use seems to retain it. The wind can effect it. It limits what a person might plant. I did plant some bush beans in mine last year that did ok. X.

  5. I use raised beds on the ground, but this would be so perfect for starting seedlings! Plus the top would allow them to be started earlier, of course. Really great idea!

  6. You are too groovy, knowing stuff like this. Wouldn't I just love to have something like this since I am definitely NOT one of those bendy people, grins. This is awesome!