Friday, March 12, 2010

Pretty Ugly---Never, Say Never and Other Oxymorons................

This little guy is almost so ugly that he is cute. He is an Aye Aye from Madagascar. I found him when I looked up "pretty ugly" which is an oxymoron. Put a Van Dyke on him and he could pass for my twin brother. If you look up oxymoron they say it is words which contradict one another.

I've never been accused of being a moron, but if I were one, I might feel comfortable being an oxymoron. Since I can be contrary and on occasion do contradict myself and others.

"Never, say never". How many times have I made this statement to someone? Of course trying to pass on some of the infinite wisdom I've been unfortunate enough to come by. As I've made some "never" statement that I lived to regret. "Never" statements are subject to the boomerang effect. They'll come back and get ya.

"Friendly War". There's an oxymoron if there ever was one. There is nothing friendly about war. Killing is killing. Nothing friendly about that.

"Half full vs. Half empty". I'll go with "half full" it's more positive.

"Hells Angels". This term came about during WWII. Fighter pilots came up with it. Of course the motorcycle club by that name claim that is how they were originated. I doubt it though. They have tried to portray themselves as good old boys. I have been close to a couple in my life and I know better.

"Goverment Assistance". This is as contradictory as it gets. Goverment doesn't do anything but complicate and thow up barriers. The only assisting they do is for themselves and the fat cats. They may go to Washington with good intentions, but they all go home with dirty hands.

"Bitter Sweet". There's one for you. I recall a visit I was having with an ex-brother in law of mine about two years after I divorced my first wife. I believe it was the year Elvis died. Anyway we were riding around drinking beer one day and he says, " Do you think there's a chance you and Faye might get back together"? My response was, "Why? Is Hell freezing over"? He got a big chuckle out of my reply. So, there you are, I was still bitter, but that reply sure was sweet. X.


  1. Great post. It's good to see you back. I know you weren't gone for long...and not everyone is a blog addict like me...but when I don't see someone around for a few days, I start to worry.

  2. Thanks Mary. I've been out of pocket for about a week. I'll post about the award in the next few days. Thanks. X.

  3. Howdy, I've been absent for a bit and all of a sudden realized I hadn't stopped by. My apologies. Gads, some bloggy friend I am.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this post.

    In comparison to "never" statements are the "always" statements. Those concrete words never cease to always to come back with a cosmic dope slap.