Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lucky Dog!

That's his collar around the main limb in my pear tree. Also a horseshoe I turned up in my garden. I stuck it there years ago. It has grown to the tree. Buddy was my lucky dog. I'll tell you about that story some other time.
Some of lucky dogs "luck" rubbed of on us apparently. This past weekend we had a storm come thru that did a lot of damage. Most was to the trees in town. However, many of the trees and limbs that fell did other damage. At first they said it was an 80 miles an hour straight line wind. Now they say it may have been a small tornado. My vote goes with the straight line wind. I've never known of a tornado that lasted for 16 minutes in one spot.
Any way we were lucky to only have minor damage. We did go without power for the last three days however. Kind of takes one back to the old days before electricity and internet and all them goodies. X.

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