Thursday, November 3, 2011

In the playoffs again!

I combined a couple of my passions last night. Photography and watching our South Shelby Cardinals highschool football team. They have been a parrenial power in class 1 football here in Missouri. They are in the playoffs again this year and won thier first game last night 39 to 8 against the Knox County Eagles. They play again monday night against a team we defeated earlier this year. We have struggled with all kinds of injuries this year and many people didn't think we would advance this far. X.


  1. Good luck to them!!!

    Hello, and who am I? ,-) I popped over from "Hexe's Cottage" where I saw your comment. Glad I did. I too was born/and/bred a catholic. Took me over 60 years to give myself "permission" to think and question. (Had to think/question, couldn't just drop out.)

    After over 10 years, I'm still not sure of exactly what I 'believe.' But I'm happier than I was, all those 60+ years, as a catholic. :-)

    Can't leave without saying what a great photographer you are, since that's your football game 'catch.' Action is beyond me. -sigh- Well, it's beyond my camera I guess. -grin- Even have to make "Grands" stay still, to take pics of them. And that's about like telling foot ball players, to stay-still-for-a-pic. *Feel sorry for me!* ,-)

    Gentle hugs,
    "It is a joy to walk in the bare woods. The moonlight is not broken by the heavy leaves. The leaves are down, and touching the soaked earth, Giving off the odors that partridges love."
    ~ Robert Bly, Solitude Late at Night in the Woods

  2. Never been a football fan, but do love photography. That's a great shot.