Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Bearcreek 'Bears'

I live in a small town about 45 miles west of Hannibal Missouri. You are probably familiar with it as it is the home town of Mark Twain. We go there occassionaly to shop. Just about 3 miles west of Hannibal on highway 36 Bearcreek crosses under the 4lanes of traffic. Near the creek 4 bears stand at the edge of a fence. The owner always has them attired to represent the given holiday or yearly event.
I never can remember to take my camera on this trip, but today I remembered. As luck would have it, today they were standing there au natural. No costumes. That doesn't happen very often. Possibly the high winds of late caused this. So it looks like I will need to try and catch them in one of the many outfits they wear.
The owner of the property and the bears was a former logger. One of the men who worked for him was gifted with the handling of a chainsaw. X.

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  1. Pappa bear stood there all by himself for a year or so. Then all of a sudden the rest of his family showed up