Tuesday, July 31, 2012

'New Stuff'

In spite of this horendous heat and drought conditions,I've been able to raise a few crops. In the top picture is one of my 'Moon and Stars' watermelons. In the same picture, in the upper left hand corner you can see a baby butternut squash getting a start at life. In the middle are a few tomatoes hiding in the leaves. In the bottom picture some of our sweet potatoes which are growing in one of my raised beds near the green house. If I hadn't watered things we would be without anything, I'm sure. They are calling for cooler weather this week, in the mid to upper 90's :^) X.


  1. It's been a dreadful summer, hasn't it? Here it has been heat and humidity almost every day. I am so looking forward to autumn this year.

  2. You popped into my mind today. Was wondering how things were in your world. I hope the rest of the summer has treated you well and your crops came in beautifully. Autumn has come late here - and still we are getting warm days - but the last of my tomatoes came in two days ago.

    Are you finished your treatments? I hope you are feeling well!