Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sturgis Mustang Rally 2013

Just a few of the 900 and some odd pictures I took at the rally. X


  1. Oh - fun! My first car was a Mustang and I loved it. It was an 84 - but I still thought she was a pretty thing. A nightmare to drive in the winter though. I would have loved seeing all those Mustangs!

  2. It was a lot of fun. There were over a thousand cars in the car show. Not as many old ones as I thought there might be. Next year will be the fifty year anniversary, so I bet they have quite a show. Sturgis isn't that far from you. You should go sometime. The highlight for me was riding along with one of the Millersport instructors thru a twisty course:)

  3. The wounded warrior Shelby Cobra with the special paint job was there. They take it around to all the Mustang events and let the participants sign the car. Duane and I signed it in the front grill area. So many signatures almost no space left. They will auction it off at the Barret Jackson auction next year. Last years car brought over 900,000$. I'm sure with my signature on this one, it will bring more:)