Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter's getting old!!!

The last two winters have been about the same. Fairly mild until January, then turning colder with a lot of snow. It's been decades since we've seen  this much snow. I liked it as a kid, but have grown weary of it since I've gotten older.
I'm ready for spring. For a bit of dark humor on the subject visit my other blog, 'Darkside Of The Moon'. X


  1. Tell me about it. This is the worst winter I remember in a long time. Three storms in one week is unheard of. Stay safe, my friend.

  2. Hope this one dies down some before landing on you doorstep. I heard you guys will have a 'northeaster' coming your way after this one goes thru. Don't get out unless you just have to Mary.

  3. Wow that sure is a lot of snow! Take heart, spring will be here soon!

  4. Like wise we are looking forward to Spring although our snow remains on the mountains and the rain has kept it away from us at sea level.

  5. I guess I should be grateful. With the drouth the last two years, we actually need the moisture. I think it takes about a foot of snow to equal an inch of rain.
    Would still like to see spring arrive though.