Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bikers and Elves


A poem by Vol Lindsey

Sam was always out there
riding the roads,
findin' out all kinds of good stuff
like how the wind feels in your hair
and how to get comfortable
in the rain.
Says that's how he met the elves.
They were on motorcycles
I think it was them
made Sam move out on his own like that.

He was camped beside a lonely road
next to the fire, drinkin' coffee
with bourbon, against the frost
he knew was coming,
when they rode up.

He could tell they were elves
by their laughter,
says "sounded just like bells"
And those elves talked to him all night
in the quiet
under the stars.
They thought he would understand,
and he did.
He says "Them elves,
they know."
Says he learned the truth that October
in the quiet under the stars.
When they were done
he began to laugh.
He laughed so hard
the stars could hear him,
and they laughed too.
Even some of the rocks around the camp
cracked up and rolled down the slope.
He laughed till he ran out of breath
and just when he thought it was over,
he'd start right up again.

Laughed two solid days and nights,
laughed long after the elves were gone.

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  1. This is great. I can see my dad in this poem - sitting by a fire - his bike not far away - laughing. He has a great laugh.