Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Short Story About Chance, Luck and Kharma-Part 3

During our senior year in highschool Butch and I had met these twins as we played football in a rival community not far away. We started dating them soon after. Butch dated Judy and I dated Janie. They were identical twins and even I had trouble telling them apart. I think twins are fascinating. At times they would even finish the other ones sentence without breaking stride. They had thier differences, don't get me wrong, but at times it seemed like they were exact clones.

I'm not one to pull practicle jokes on people, but our situation got the wheels to spinning in my brain. I approached the twins with the idea of switching on the next date and having Janie go with Butch and Judy with me. I just wanted to put one over on Butch, as he was always pulling some prank on me.

Well the whole thing backfired on me. It turns out Janie had been wanting to date Butch and I had just dealt him up on a silver platter. Thier relationship got more serious as the year progressed and they had wedding plans for the following fall after graduation. Janie apologized for what happened and also thanked me at the same time. Only time I've received an apology and a thank you in the same conversation. Of course I was the best man or maybe I should say second best man at the wedding.

Butch got a job working at the Sinclair station and I was helping the local electrician. About six months after the wedding, Butch came into Martha's diner one day all excited. He said the Marine Recruiter would be at the Sinclair station at 4:00 and he and Roger Todd and Woodrow Allen were joining up on some kind of buddy plan. He urged me to join them. Seems like any time Butch asked me to do something it was almost like a dare. Of course I took him up on the invite, the next thing I know I'm headed for boot camp in San Diego. And it wouldn't be long after that we would find out what war was really like.

Fiction ? X.

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  1. Wow, this is really some story. I appreciate your sharing it with us.