Friday, August 20, 2010

Country Dogs Are Different

If anything the wimp factor between country dogs and city dogs seems to be widening:

City dogs wear knitted
turtlenecks and scented
shampoo to ward off ticks.
Country dogs wear ticks the
size of pocket watches.

City dogs answer to
"Mitten" and "Buffy"
Country dogs aswer to
"Butch" and "Mollie".

City dogs fetch cute little
rubber squeaky toys.
Country dogs fetch cow bones
and the neighbor's chickens
...dead or alive.

City dogs sip from mono-
grammed plastic bowls.
Country dogs drink from
mud holes and swim in green
farm ponds.

City dogs chase the vacuum
cleaner cord as it wiggles
from room to room.
Country dogs chase anything
that moves, including

By: Marti Attoun

I posted this when I first started blogging. Thought it was worth a repeat. So what are you? A Country Dog or a City Dog? X. the Country Dog!

1 comment:

  1. You sure have got this one right. You should see some of these city dog getups.