Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Lot Of Stuff

Through most of that first spring,
All Sam did was to walk round
his property introducing himself
to his rocks and trees and
some of the birds.
They thought he was alright.

Sam got to thinkin',though,
that winter might be kinda tough.
So he took that old truck
down to some construction sites
in Knoxville and brought back loads
of scrap lumber.
The carpenters laughed about not havin'
to pay for cleanup.

When he had what he figured was enough,
Sam got to lookin' real close
at the layout of that big red oak,
bought some tools,
and went to work.
Three months later,
he had four rooms around the trunk,
and a porch stickin' out from the kitchen.
The bedroom was upstairs for the view.
For a minute or two,
he even considered puttin' in electricity,
but decided it might work against
the place's natural energy.

After it was all done,
Sam rocked back on his heels,
looked everything over,
said,"it's good".

By: Vol Lindsey


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