Monday, January 3, 2011

"Mom and Dad"

The picture above is of my granddad and grandmother Buckman on thier wedding day. But to me they were always mom and dad. I spent a lot of time on the farm with them through out the year. Thier youngest son Sam was my uncle. However, he was only one year older than me. So, he was more like an older brother. And since I started staying there at a very early age, I just imitated him and would call them mom and dad. To me it was like a name, not a title. My mother gave me some of the letters that I had written to my grandparents while I was in Vietnam. Sure enough they started out "Dear mom and dad". It would be much later before I would use the grandparent phrase, after 'dad' had passed away. I began calling mom, grandma. She lived to her mid 90's and was a specail lady. X.

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  1. What a lovely couple! Thanks for sharing this. My grandparents were more like a mom and dad to me than my parents were.