Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Garden, Rain, and Locusts, Locusts, Locusts!!!

Our garden has been doing good so far. We have had quarter inch rains about once a week up until last night. We had a good one and half inches which really soaked up the ground.
This is a locust year apparently. They are coming out of the ground every where. They don't appear to be the noisey kind as I've not heard any buzzing from them yet. X


  1. What ugly looking creatures they are!! How do you handle this outbreak? I remember as a child we used to get years where these cocoon like nests were all over the trees follow by an invasion of catapillars. We had to burn the cocoons off the trees.

  2. Hah, my mom was complaining about the noise just the other day. Your garden looks so pretty! Mine is very half-hazard, not to mention half eaten by beetles. And lovely irises.

  3. I heard that this year was suppose to be a good one for the locust... I havent seen them here as much and hope I won't either... they can be such a nusiance... Garden looks nice. are you finally drying out?