Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Greenhouse

Here are a few pictures of Gi Gi's new greenhouse. I built it over the raised table that I have shown pictures of previously. Needs shingles on the back roof, painting and a few more pieces of plywood on the outside. She got some windows from her sister who had put new ones in thier home. The top two are sliding glass doors. X.


  1. Wow, that is fantastic. She's gonna love it.

  2. Love the greenhouse! Honestly - I could really borrow you for a week or two. Lol - I was just trying to explain your "chicken tractor" to my parents who are looking for a way to let their indoor cats spend some quality time in the backyard this year without having to walk them around on a leash all day. There may be a "cat tractor" in their future.

    Oh - and yes, that veggie was a radish. About the size of both my hands. I might be checking my soil for Uranium if that came out of it!