Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oklahoma Heat Wave!

Like a lot of folks around the country we've been dealing with unbearable heat for the past 3 weeks. Reminds me of the summers back when I was a kid that I spent at my aunts in Kingfisher Oklahoma. They have some hot summers down there as a general rule.
Our gardens have suffered but some things are hanging in there. I've been using water I catch from the roofs of my shop to save what I can. Most of the vine crops have died. So it looks like i won't be having an over abundance of squash this year. We'll be lucky if we can salvage a dozen or so. We have rain in the forcast for the weekend. I've got my fingers crossed.
I took the picture of the water tank about a month ago, when it was full, it's down close to the bottom now. X.


  1. It has been a brutal summer this year. We get a short reprieve and then head right back up to the 90's again. Sorry to hear about your garden. The first year we were at our new place, I lost almost everything...and along with it, my will to plant.

  2. Wishing you rain & recovery for your crops. Beautiful photos!