Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fifty pounds of ___ in a ten pound bag!

That's how I would discribe my shop. I built it a few years back, thinking it would be big enough for what I needed. It is 20'x 16', should have made it 30' x 16'. We all know how things accumulate. I should have known better.

In one of the photos are some bows hanging on the back wall waiting to be finished. Did I mention that I have a little bit of procrastination in my makeup?

In another is a Viper valve cover from the plant where I used to work. It was a reject. You have to look close to see the flaw. Shows you how picky they were.

One lesson I've learned from this shop. When you build something, make it a lot bigger than what you think you need. X.


  1. That's a great lesson. I remember when I first moved into my apartment, I was crying to my sister-in-law that it was empty. She told me not to worry about it, before long I will have too much stuff...and now I am trying to get rid of a lot of stuff.

  2. Oh my word! I do think that you and my husband maybe related. He has a very large shed, with a loft and a work bench. Of course you can't see either one or get to the frig. He has the airplane in the yard that he is building, and a boat. His excuse is he is never home long enough to get anything done, okay, that was the last six months, what about the decade prior to? LOL