Thursday, April 29, 2010

President passes thru Shelby County

We aren't exactly in the sticks here, but you can see them if you look the right direction. President Obama passed thru the county yesterday on his way to an ethanol plant near Macon Missouri. A lot of local residents lined the road near town just to get a look at his motorcade as it traveled along highway 36. Probably a first time event for this rural area of Missouri.

Doesn't take much to get us excited. I think the last major event around here was when the Hells Angels came to town and spent a week.

I haven't been posting much this month. The spring time weather has captured most of my interest. I have been checking in on some of my favorite blogs, trying to keep up on things though. X.

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  1. I've missed you, my friend. I love your header. That cat's face is the picture of love and comfort.