Thursday, February 3, 2011


Sam eats a big breakfast
Drinks strong coffee, black;
eats country ham and fresh eggs.
Slices a tomatoe from the garden,
says he could have gotten rich
on his recipe for biscuits.
Makes it all on a camp stove
up in his treehouse.
Once in awhile,
he gets to make breakfast for two.
He wonders how Louise can stay
so skinny, and eat so much.

Breakfast is why he keeps chickens and hogs.
Has 'em way out back on his property
downstream from where he bathes in the crick.
Says "in some ways,
they're no different from other folks."

By: Vol Lindsey


  1. Now, that is a breakfast. Sure has me hungry.

  2. nice looking breakfast.. and I love the idea of living in a tree house...