Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Imbolc On A Three Dog Night

"Brighid is the Lady Of Flames,
the fire that cooks our food!
Hail to her and to the hearth
and may our meal be good!"

I used to think that the band,Three Dog Night, got their name from an eskimo saying. But later found out it was an Australian Aborigini saying. When it got real cold they would say it was a 'three dog night'. They would bring three dogs into the hut to keep them warm. Tonight will be a 'three dog night', with temperatures well below zero. Brighids flame will come in handy as well. X.

P.S. We had 24 plus inches of snow, with drifts in town that were 4-5ft. deep. In the more open country areas there were drifts of 6-8ft. deep. Interstate 70 was closed thru the night and into today. The blizzard of 2011 was a dandy. The most snow we have had at one time since the 1960's.

Happy Birthday to my grandson Layn. Love Ya Buddy


  1. Wow, you sure did get a bunch of snow. Stay warm and safe. We got a bunch of ice. I opened my front door and said 'no way', so I called in and went back to bed. Happy birthday, Layn.

  2. That is a ridiculous amount of snow! Sounds like a whole dogsled team will be needed to keep you warm (and to get around the next couple of days.)

    Be safe and warm. And happy birthday to your grandson!