Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Ok, we're still very cold here today, it's 7 degrees. But, looking at the forecast for next week, it looks like we are in for a major thaw. Temps start to warm up this friday into the 30's. By next week it is supposed to be in the 50's, so if I'm going to get any ice fishing in, I better get with it.

Had a nice visit with my daughters and grandkids this past weekend. Don't get to see them near enough.

I've started another blog. It seems i have a hard enough time keeping this one going but craziness kicked in ( must be cabin fever). Any way I started a new one called 'Darkside of the Moon'. I have a button for it at the upper right. X.


  1. yea likewise I am looking forward to this weekend and the warmup... did you get any of that snow from last night and todays system..

    we were lucky and only picked up 6 inches. unlike the northeast part of the state that received 18 to 20.. stay warm

  2. I'm excited about the warmth, too! I'll be happier when the thaw has passed, and the ground isn't a muddy, wet mess.