Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bogamans Diet Plans

I've been on a number of diets in my life. For the most part I have been at a relatively good weight. The later part of my life is the time when I actually needed to be dieting.
When I graduated from highschool I weighed 198 lbs. and was fairly solid for someone who was 6'3". After highschool I joined the Marines. I actually gained some going thru boot camp and infantry training. I then weighed 212 lbs. and thought I was in the best shape of my life.
Wrong! After a two week leave I reported back to Camp Pendleton for some more training before I went to Viet Nam. The training was very tough. I lost about 7 lbs. We were running about 15 to 20 miles a day in full combat gear. That's helmut, pack, rifle and combat boots. As I look back now, that is probably the best shape I have been in during my entire life, no doubt. If you want to lose weight I guarantee this plan to do it. Caution tho, you need to be in great shape before you start.
My next diet started the day I arrived in Nam. It was the hottest part of the year. Temperatures would reach 120-125 during the day and the humidity was stifling. My first three months there I was a machine gunner in an infantry battalion. We spent most of our time in the bush. I was packing a lot of weight. The machine gun weighed 24 lbs. two belts of ammo another 15 lbs., my pack with supplies was 12 lbs. and we always carried a mortar round for the mortar squad which weighed 10-12 lbs.
While in the bush we only got 2 boxes of C-rations a day. So the combination of the heat, packing extra weight, only eating two meals a day, and the stress, I lost about 30 lbs. that first 3 months. After that I stayed around 175 for the rest of my tour. This plan should be reserved for naive young people who like living on the edge.
My next diet plan was the result of a divorce. No need to go into this one as it is not a pleasant diet. If you've been there you know what I'm talking about. It should be reserved for no one except your worst enemy.
As I mentioned earlier the later part of my life is when I actually needed to be on a diet. After turning 50 my line of work had changed so that I wasn't getting a lot of excercise. I gradually gained weight until I weighed about 285. I've been on two diets since I reached that mark. The first time I got back down to 220 using a low carb diet combined with using a tread mill daily. But my love of the bad carbs eventually gained favor and I slowly got back to 285.
About 6 months ago I was diagnosed with type2 diabetes. My NP started me on medication and told me to start on a proper diet for diabetics. I lost about 15 lbs. initialy by cutting down on portions and watching the sugar. A couple of weeks ago at an appointment with my NP she suggested I go on a low carb diet to help with my blood sugar as she didn't think I was progressing as good as she wanted. So, thats where I am now. I've lost more weight on this diet and my blood sugar is starting to fall in line with where it should be. My weight is now 255 and I hope to stick with this until I get back down to the 210-215 range. That's my goal any how.
So, you can see, most of my diets have been forced upon me. With only the later ones where I was a willing subject. But even then there was a motivating force. X.

P.S. Your welcome to try any of these plans. I'll give you a warning however, the Combat Plan or the Divorce Plan could be deadly.

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  1. Ah, I never had a problem with weight either until I passed the 50 mark. Then, stopping smoking, which I will never regret, added on a few or should I say a lot more pounds.