Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Garden Toad verses Dennis the Menace

As I was running the tiller in our garden tonight I had to stop 3 times and move a big toad out of the tiller path. I would make a round and here he would come again. Seemed to be attracted to the tiller. It got me to thinking about my childhood. When I was a young lad any critter was fair game for some of my mischeif. I am not sure if it's just a boy thing or my dark side is just darker than most. Grant you, I'm not proud of some of my chilhood actions just telling you how it was in that Dennis the Menace stage of my life. It's a 180 degree difference today. Guess I've realized the good a lot of critters do and I will go out of my way to see they receive no harm. Or try to make a place for them to live or stay.
And because of my history, I'm a little more tolerant of an unruly or awnry child. Having had that experience myself I know that, given time and some guidance, people can change, even for the good. X.


  1. I used to catch them when I was a kid. Wouldn't touch one today. Ironic how we change in life.

  2. Growing up, we had a swimming pool, and there was sand all around it. Toads would burrow in the sand, and I'd spend all day digging them up (and probably pissing them off to no end lol).