Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time Warp!!!!!!!!!!

I had a doctors appointment in Kirksville the other day at the Veterans Clinic. During my drive up there my mind drifted back to a time when I was a Conservation Agent in Putnam County. It was the early 70's and I was 21 years old. The agent in Adair County was a man named Bill Otten and he lived in Kirksville. He was a very good agent and had good repoir with most everyone. I liked Bill, we always had a lot of fun working together. He was a bit of rebel and always made jokes abought our supervisors. He ended up marrying the Magistrat Judge and took some ribbing about that. After two years I transferred to southwest Missouri and became the agent assigned to Pomme De Terre lake. After eight years there I resigned and pursued other employment.
About a year ago on another visit to the VA clinic in Kirksville I looked up Bill in the phone book. Sure enough he was listed. I called and he met me at a local eating place. During that visit Bill told me he eventually became the Regional Supervisor for that region. I told him I was surprised because the Bill Otten I knew was a bit of a rascal. He laughed. I also told him that I was sure he had been a good Supervisor.
As I was thinking back about this time in my life it was hard for me to accept that so much time had passed. Almost as if I had passed thru a time warp at some point and now it was forty years later. Sometimes when I think about past events it seems they happened just days ago. Does this mean I'm getting OLD or did I really pass thru a time warp?
The picture above was taken of me when I was 26. The Conservation Dept. used it on a brochure for people interested in becoming an Agent. X.


  1. It does seem like we went through some sort of time warp doesn't it? I do the same. Remembering past events has become important to me I often think of those who have passed through my life

    By the way, you were a handsome man in your uniform. Wish I had some pictures of myself.

  2. You can see the hardness blaring out though. I'm a little softer now a days ;^) X.

  3. Look at you Mr. Handsome! I love that you looked up an old friend/co-worker. I often think of people I've known in the past, but it doesn't occur to me to track them down.

    I think I'll call up an old friend today!