Monday, March 19, 2012

Strange Weather

Except for a couple days in the single digits, this past winter could almost go down as the winter that wasn't. It started warming in mid February and much of March has been in the 60's and 70's with several 80 degree days. I sure hope this isn't an indication of a hot and dry summer. It's not just here in Missouri, it looks like much of the mid west and upper states are having the same thing going on.
Whatever the reason I've been enjoying what's been dished out so far. Have planted some early garden and hoping to reap an early bounty. X.


  1. I do hope your lack of Winter doesn't affect the growing season. Someone told me once that apple trees need to freeze in order to fruit, but I don't know if that is accurate or not?

    We have had a late and lingering Winter. Today started off with snow and ended with very warm sunshine. Strange weather indeed!

  2. Nice pictures! Is the bottom one a picture of pear blossoms?

    Not much winter here either. Everything is blooming at least 3 weeks early.

  3. Top picture is my Nectarine tree. The bottom is an ornamental of some kind. I can't recall what it is called. It has a very bad smell. Which is deceiving when you see how nice it looks while in bloom.

  4. If it stinks it must be an ornamental pear tree for sure! Everyone in this area plants Bradford pears...they are lovely trees, but the flowers smell like nasty gym socks!

    At least they're pretty look at! (As long as you hold your nose!)