Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fingers Crossed

With all this warm weather, many of my fruit trees and blueberry bushes have been putting on buds. It's way to soon for that; knowing that Mother Nature has more winter in store for us. Seems we're being set up for a fruitless year here in northeast Missouri. Maybe it's time for one of those ancient chants or something. Last year wasn't exactly a bumper crop year in my fruit garden.
I'll try and get some photos the next day or so. Xavier


  1. The weather all over has been strange this winter. The birds and plants don't know what to do. I hope your garden grows this year.

  2. I have to agree... I see all the blooming and I love the appearance yet I can not help but think it is all in vain as there is still so much time left for winter to visit still. HOpe the bad weather did not effect you earlier this week.

  3. A couple of small tornadoes went north of us. We just had some high winds. X.