Monday, March 26, 2012

Uncle Steve gives bike rides

My two sisters grand daughters were here last week and wanted a ride on my bike. At top is Cheyene and bottom is Grace. A couple of future 'Harley Ladies' I'm sure. X.


  1. Beautiful children. How are you doing ?

  2. Not sure what it is Sydnii. I bought it at Devils Tower in Wyoming last year. I think he's supposed to be a gopher. When I rode out to Sturgis last year, it seemed everyone I saw on a bike had some kind of stuffed animal or character strapped on their bike somewhere. So I made it a point to get one for myself.
    Anyway his name is 'Sammy'.

  3. My nieces get rides from my dad too - they love it. Love the gopher/squirrel! You are the coolest uncle!