Saturday, December 26, 2009


Known by many names;Dowsing,Divining,Doodle Bugging,Water Witching,Etc. Many consider it to be magic, witchery, or just another form of snake oil. Whatever the case I know for a fact that it does work. Why, because I have done it myself with all but 100% success. About 30 years ago I worked for my dads telephone construction company. We buried telephone cable along roadsides and in town through peoples yards. My first experience was in the city of Butler Mo. We were plowing phone lines in from peoples homes to pedistles along alley ways. All of the utilities in Butler were buried underground. Thus causing a big problem for us. We had to know where these lines were located in the yards. I was working with my younger brother on the first place we plowed cable. He suggested that I try witching for the underground utilities. He could not do it, but had worked with people before who could. He took a couple of the orange marker wires and removed the orange plastic flag from the wire and bent each wire about 1/3 of the way up each wire. he then told me to place my hands together and form a cup. He then placed both wires in the cup of my hand by the smaller section. He then had me walk back and forth in the yard slowly. As I walked across the yard the wires would slowly start to move and would point in opposite directions to my right and left. They would be pointing in opposite directions only when I was directly over a buried utility. I would then mark it with an orange flag. I was doubtful at first, but after probing the spot with a rod or actually digging down to the water line, electical line or whatever, I became a believer. Which is saying something because I am a true Missourian, you have to "Show Me".
Over the years I have thought about this, trying to come to some kind of logical conclusion about why it works. My strongest feeling is that it has something to do the magnetic fields of the earth. Since the ground was disturbed when those utilities were installed it did something to the natural state of the earth in each of those locations. I really don't know why it works, just that it does, and that some people are better able to interperate that part of nature.
What brought this to my mind today? I have a great-great grandmother that is buried on a farm near Newark Missouri. No one knows where her gravesite is located. I was just wondering if I couldn't use my ability to dowse or witch to find her gravesite. It would mean a lot to me if her final resting place could be found and marked. X.

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