Monday, January 14, 2013

Chicken Tractor Redo For Rue!

This is in answer to Rue's inquiry about my 'Chicken Tractor'. Intended for you-Rue and any one else interested in making a tractor. Just type in Chicken Tractor into your search engine and all kinds of pictures, plans and info will come up. I am town bound with a country boy's heart. Thus my desire to raise chickens helped me to discover the tractor thing. Probably called a tractor because it is mobile. One can move it around like a large wheel barrow. The moving process has two benefits. It gives the chickens fresh grass to eat and they return the favor by fertilizing your yard or garden. In the top picture you can see the nesting and night time living compartment for the chickens. The door I put on the back allows me to clean it and remove the eggs much easier. I have also built in a side door at the bottom to help clean the roosting area. The finished product in the bottom picture shows a tarp I can move from side to side to help provide shade and shelter from rain, when needed. I first started with 6 chickens but reduced it to 4. The 4 chickens provided more than enough eggs for GiGi and I. Would be happy to answer any Questions. And Rue, would be glad to make you one if you only lived a little closer. SXW P.S. A simple light bulb mounted in the peak of thier living quarters should provide enough heat to make them comforable in the winter. Of course you would need to run an elctrical cord to the tractor. Another solution would be some type of solar device to supply heat or power for the light bulb. Most chickens would probably manage the cold as thier body heat would help to warm the inside of thier roosting/nesting area. I also have a closable door where they enter.


  1. Thanks for the info! My mom has been saying for years that she wanted to get chickens again. They're in the country, but dogs make keeping (free range) chickens a pain. I've been telling her to make one of these (or get my dad to), but they won't.

  2. I forgot to mention that I have since added bigger wheels than the ones in this picture. They made it easier to move, especailly when the ground was soft. Sydnii, I'm sure your dad could come up with a neat model of his own making. I'm still in awe of the boat he made. X.

  3. Oh my goodness! I LOVE it! I dream of having a small flock of hens one day, and this is a great idea for housing them!

    Once I saw a great chicken coop idea in Organic Gardening, I think. It was a "moat" around the garden, basically a chicken run enclosing everything as a barrier to insects. It was pretty cool, too!

  4. I'll add a couple more things. If you live where dogs or predators might be a problem, I would recommend doubling the chicken wire covering. I tend to overbuild things. The one I built was made with 2x4's, 2x2's would have been suffient and made the tractor lighter. A tractor that would supply enough eggs for one person (one or two chickens) could be made that is about half this size. SXW

  5. Thanks for the re-post! I will say that after seeing this the first time, I had my neighbour build me a cat-tractor. It's essentially a large movable cage so my indoor cats can chill outside while I'm in the garden. Lol - I really am the crazy cat lady. But I'm looking forward to trying out something like this for a couple hens! Will let you know how it goes.

    1. Cat-Tractor, great idea. I'm sure a lot of people would be interested in that. I built a small containment area on the back of our house last summer for our house cats. They have spent more time out there this winter than they did last summer in the heat. We have so many stray cats in our neighborhood that it's not a good idea to let ours run loose. I'll try and get a picture up of it sometime. X.