Monday, January 28, 2013

Groundhogs Day/Brighids Day/ Imbolc

From ancient times to present. The approaching time of our year has many meanings. I believe it was first a festival of the sun and later became a time to celebrate the goddess Brighid. The romans could not eradicate her so they incorparated thier christian beleifs and converted Brighid to a saint. Some how Groundhogs day sprang from some of these ancient beiefs. Perhaps the Scottish saying from the previous post. To most present day americans it's only about the groundhog and his shadow. So much more to the story than a mere groundhog. SXW


  1. It's also a time when my middle grandson was born (Feb. 2nd).

  2. On Staten Island, the groundhog bit our mayor a couple of years back. It's a running joke now.

  3. We have nothing like Groundhog Day in Australia, only through he movie. Hope your grandson has great birthday.