Monday, January 21, 2013

Show-Me Cathouse !!!

The area we live in this town is over run with stray cats. We have a neighbor who basically has a cat-factory. There is an older mobile home on thier property that they use to shelter and feed thier cats. It seems like there is always a fresh litter in thier front yard. They just spread out in the neighborhood and supply our area with plenty of felines. Because of this we don't let our two cats roam free. This past summer I built them a cathouse on the backside of our house where they could go to get outside. The black and white cat is Mitsy and the other is her mother Claire, they are Minx cats. They both enjoy going out thru a door I built from the utility room to the cathouse. This time of year they keep an eye on the finches that visit our feeders. X.


  1. Love this! I've seen cat runs that are similar (outside the house) but longer with branches and such put in for activities. But this smaller house/run works if they are able to come/go on their own. ^_^

  2. I love seeing that people do things like that. Too many poor babies are out there in this freezing cold.