Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Natures Hotline

As I was fixing my second cup of coffee this morning, I happened to look out the kitchen window and noticed there were no birds at the feeders. Then I saw that they were empty. While I was out filling the feeders I looked around and didn't see any birds in our trees or any of the surrounding trees.
After going back inside I stood at the back door watching, and in less than a minute the birds were flocking back in.
Ok, so do they have thier own facebook page or twitter account where they get on line and tweet. Or do they get on thier teeny-tiny little cell phones and spread the word.
Sometimes nature amazes me. Animals seem to have thier own communication system. A good example is my pear tree and the squirrels. In the summer just before my pears get ripe I am envaded by hoards of squirrels. They seem to know when the pears are just to thier liking. They will chew a hole into the pear and eat only the seeds, wasting the pear. It's like all of a sudden they are there doing thier thing. How do they know this.
I've noticed animals behavior is different if I am out hunting with no intent of taking certain animals. Do they pick up on my thought patterns or what. They seem to know when you are the hunter and they are the prey.
Reba, our blue and gold macaw, knows when Gi Gi is close to being home from work. She will make a noise that alerts the dogs, several minutes before she gets home.
Here's a good one on Reba. Last night she let out one of her blood chilling jungle screams. She does this every once in a while. Just a reminder that she is not that far removed from the wild state. Gi Gi got up to cover her cage as I was spewing out one profanity after another and saying how I was going to be having parrot stew. Reba, quietly said "I love you". I was silenced.  Gi Gi chuckled.  X.


  1. Hello .....thanks for following me,intrigued as to how you stumbled across a wee blog from the highlands of Scotland. This post made me chuckle. We love watching the birds on our feeders you should check out this blog too


    1. I follow a couple other bloggers from Scotland. It gives me some insight into the people and landscapes in a place my ancestors lived. thanks for sharing. X.