Thursday, June 24, 2010


These two rufians are my youngest two grandsons, Layn and Carter. This picture reminds me of my younger days down on my grandads farm. We have so much innocense as children. Living in make believe worlds. Playing cowboys and indians or war. Little did I know at that age how serious war could be or what the real consequences were when I 'really" shot at someone. Or someone shot at me.
I long for and envy the innocense of youth. X.


  1. Handsome boys and a great pic. I'll bet they find plenty of adventure!

  2. Beautiful pic. Beautiful boys :) Your post made me think of the scene in "The Giver" where Jonas sees his friends playing war, and he's struck by the awful truth of what war really is. And all his friends tell him he's ruining their fun.

  3. "I long for and envy the innocense of youth"

    Don't we all. =) Thought I would stop by and say hello - this is a fabulous photo!