Friday, June 4, 2010

"Died and Gone To Heaven Picture"

This is a picture of my grandad Buckman. He was a dairy farmer. Grandad called this his "died and gone to heaven picture". Because of the double exposure, it appears as though he really is going up.

I spent all of my summers on his farm. He would be up at 4:30 A. M. every morning so he could go milk the cows. Talk about being tied to a job. He also had to be there every evening to milk them again. But he found time to go fishing. That is probably one of my favorite memories of him. He loved to fish. And he passed that "love" off to me. When I was staying there, he would be sure to include me on his little fishing excursions through the day. It was our private time together. He had a dry sense of humor. Probably where I got mine. Xavier


  1. That is some picture. I love the way it came out...very mystical. Thanks for introducing us to your grandad Buckman.

  2. love the picture and the explanation of it... what wonderful memories... I have such memories of my grandma and pa... I remember grandma taking us to the fields after it rained with a piece of string tied to a piece of bacon. We could go in the cow's footsteps filled with rain and dunk our string in to see if we could catch a crawdad for cat fishing later. :-)

  3. Great picture! Can yo still smell the morning air though? Can you feel how the dirt felt as it sifted through your bare toes? I grew up on a farm and have memories that the city kids could not have bought!