Friday, June 11, 2010


I started building selfbows in the mid 90's. I've always loved working with wood. On top of that I've been an avid bowhunter most of my life. So it was these two things which led me to the art of being a bowyer. And also how I came by the nickname Bogaman (an old celtic word meaning bowman).
Ok, I know "Snash" looks like it coud be something obscene, but I asure it is not. This is my 5th selfbow. It is made from ash which I sawed down on my stepdads farm. I backed it with two rattlesnake hides I got from a friend in Texas. Thus the name Snash.
I built this bow in 1996. I used this bow as my main hunting bow until I retired it in 1998 in favor of another bow that I had built from Osage. I took a deer the first year that I hunted with it, using primitive arrows and stone points that a friend of mine had made. I made him an osage bow in exchange for the arrow points and a stone knife.
I've made close to two hundred bows since I started. Most have been given away or bartered for other goods. I will show you more of my bows as time passes. X.


  1. I know not much about bows, but the work you have done looks great. You have such a talent for working with wood. And, by the way, you also have a talent for picking your header pics. This one is super. Look at the strut on the rooster...and with that brood, no wonder he struts.

  2. This is a nice looking bow. I took archery lessons when I was a young teen. I really enjoyed them and this post has made me sorry I didn't keep them up. I think my parents still have their bows. Perhaps it's time to get a bale of hay and set up a target...

    I agree with Mary - I laughed when your page came up - I love this header!