Friday, June 18, 2010


My roots run deep in this country. My ancestors came here as early as the 1600's. I am mostly Scotch/Irish with some English and French sprinkled in along the way. I have some of my family lines traced back as far the 12th century in Scotland. I find geneology interesting. It helps to define what I am and how I came to be the person I am today.

This old house was built in the mid 1700's near Strasburg Virginia by some of my ancestors. Although most of the wood has deteriorated, the stone work is still intact and as straight as can be. Hard to imagine after so much time has passed. I previously posted a picture of the old barn which had slots in the rock wall to fire at attacking indians.

Oh to be a time traveler and go back and visit my ancient ancestors. And see what they were like. What kind of people they were. Much like me I imagine. X.

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  1. I love old stone-work. I really liked that barn you posted too.

    My father's side is all English/Welsh/Scottish. I think my grandfather liked to think they were royalty, but upon closer inspection there was at least one horse-thief and one pirate in the bunch. Family history is an interesting thing!