Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tucker: Waitin On A Ride

This is Tucker. Mother and I gave him to my stepdad, Bruce, after his last dog past on. Tucker is a Golden Retreiver. When I picked him out of the litter he was the runt of the bunch. But he has grown into the largest Golden I have ever seen.

Bruce would load up Tucker and drive around the local farming area everyday when he was healthy. Tucker loved to ride in the truck. Bruce passed away a few months ago. So now, every time me or my brother visit the farm, Tucker will run out to the shed and jump in the back of Bruce's old pickup and wait for a ride. X.


  1. What a beautiful dog...and such a special story. How animals remember!

  2. What a great story! Tucker is one special pup! Animals bring such joy to our lives and, obviously, Bruce returned the favor if Tucker still remembers the fun he had on those rides!