Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another 2

This was my last tattoo. I will probably add some more to him in the near future. Probably a wolfhound standing behind him and some scenery. He is a Celtic Warrior from the La Tenne era. They were fierce warriors and were said to have taken the heads of thier enemies as trophies. But I wonder if it didn't have some spiritual meaning as well, since they believed that the spirit dwelled in the head. Much like the native americans who scalped thier enemy. They thought that by doing that, it kept thier enemy from going to the after life.

Each of my tattoos have certain meaning to me. Thousands of years ago it was a common practice. Over the years it came to be a bad thing, even tabboo. But in recent history it has started to flourish again. People get them for lots of different reasons. For me it is part of my spiritual journey, my connection to my past. X.


  1. That is a gorgeous tattoo. Such fine artwork. I like tattoos...the ones such as yours that are so well done. And I love that it is a connection to your past and your spiritual journey. You are so right. They have begun to flourish again...You'd love to be here in New York City in the summer. I'm fascinated.

  2. I think you've got the idea of tattoos, but some people just cover themselves and it seems for fashion, not for spiritual reasons. I don't have a single one, but Dick does, so I'll show your post to him!