Monday, February 8, 2010


This is a dog my brother, Chuck, had several years back. He was a Great Pyrenees breed. Can't remember where Chuck got him. The picture was taken in my back yard shortly after I rescued him from the city pound which was one of many times Cruiser spent there. He just could not or would not take to being kept in a pen. Which is where Chuck would leave him during the day while he was at work. He traveled far and wide. After about a year a lot of people knew about Cruiser. Many would return him to my brothers, others who didn't know where he belonged would turn him into city pound.

Cruiser was very friendly and made himself at home where ever he felt like it. A dog his size has a way of getting what he wants. His travels were not limited to the city limits, so he spent time in the surrounding county and made it as far as a few of the neighboring towns. But would always wind up back at Chuck's.

By the way, that is how he came by the name of Cruiser. He was very unique and at times almost seemed to be human, perhaps he was in another life. X


  1. What a wonderful story. Reminds me of my short time in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Used to be able to go out and leave the door open and when I would return, I would find this great sheepdog in my house waiting for me. Tried to bring him back to the city, but he just wouldn't come. That was for the best because a dog that size doesn't belong in a city.

  2. Well, I suppose a dog like that isn't meant to be a house dog...but it's funny how they can wander.

  3. love dogs like that.. years ago, there was an old bloodhound that would always visit our home about 2 weeks every summer.... It was apparent he traveled alot by the worn pads on his feet... Yet he was such a kind soul and in all the time we lived there he never once missed his summer jaunt with us...

  4. they always remain, sweet pieces of nostalgia and forever warm our hearts remembering them. cruiser and chucks, thanks for your story.