Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fitting In

Have you ever had an uneasy feeling about a given situation or group of people who you were associated with? I can only remember a few times in my life when I felt uncomfortable. During most of the time that I was a Conservation Agent. People don't treat you the same when you wear a uniform. I felt ok with myself, I could just sense the difference in how people related to me. I learned that it took time before they would treat me like one of the guys. And even then it wasn't everyone, just a few.

I think time is sometimes the key to a given situation. And other times I realize the reason I feel uncomfortable is that my inner self just knows that I don't belong where ever I am trying to be. As I've gotten older I have learned to listen more carefully to that inner voice.

The picture above reminded me of this. Not sure where I picked it up. Probably one of the many e-mails people have sent over the years. As I look at the picture I wonder if that cat in the middle is as comfortable as he looks. Or, perhaps he just doesn't know the difference. X


  1. Yes, I have been in that situation. No fun. One incident that really comes to mind. I'd just moved to the city and was working in a glass factory. The work itself was awful and I cut my fingers, but that wasn't the worst of it. Everyone who worked there was Spanish and bilingual. I was the only caucasian. They used to look at me so oddly, and even though they spoke English, too, they never did around me. The last straw was when they had a birthday party and left me sitting at my post.

  2. I had to look at the photo a couple times til I noticed the cat.. guess that just goes to show you that it doesn't have to be huge differences sometime....

  3. Always listen to your "inner voice", no matter what your mind or heart want to try to make you believe. Love the picture, meerkats are a favorite of mine. They are so cool.