Friday, February 26, 2010

Greta Garbo

About three and a half years ago I had a mishap on my motorcycle. Broke my left leg and dislocated my ankle pretty bad. Had to have a steel plate put in my leg. So, I was looking at probably two to three weeks off work.

We had been discussing getting a dog since her german shepard and my chesapeke bay retreiver, both had to be put down because of old age and sickness. We were looking at getting an english bulldog. But that breed is prone to several problems. So, we started checking into the boxer breed. I had a friend who had one and he convinced me that they made good house pets.

Since I knew that I would be off for a while we decided to go ahead and buy a boxer pup. I would be able to spend time with it while it got adjusted to living with us. Went to a breeder and checked out his dogs. I decided on getting a female, that way we could raise one or two litters of our own. I am partial to the brindle color pattern so that's what we ended up with, a brindle female. Her tale had already been bobbed but her ears were natural. We decided to leave them natural and not have them cropped as is the style for many boxers, especailly show dogs. I personally like the natural look better.

I had always thought Greta Garbo was a beautiful lady, even though she was before my time. So, that's what I named our new housemate. I spent the first week pretty much couch bound and about half doped up with pain meds. There I was laid out on the couch and Greta was laid out right on top of me. I think she thought I was her litter mate. And still acts that way at times.

She has been a great companion but can be a nuisance at times. Especailly when she wakes us at three or four a.m. wanting to go out and take care of business. Her and Reba are good buddies and seem to communicate with one another. Reba will see someone pull in our drive and make a sound that only Greta understands. Greta becomes instant guard dog. She is protective but very managable. I would reccommend this breed to any one who wants a house dog. They are very smart and easily trained. X.


  1. She is a beautiful dog. Just look at those eyes. I know what you mean about being awoke in the middle of the night. I get the same thing from my cat who at 4 in the morning decides that I have slept enough, and it is time to get up and keep her company. These animals are sure pretty bold, aren't they?

  2. Mary, they are very protective, but are not an aggressive type of dog. Once they are aquainted with someone they show a lot of affection. Greta and Boots the cat are friends. But any of the stray cats that frequent our yard are fair game to her. I guess she feels they are tresspassing. X

  3. She is just beautiful!

    I had a hairdresser who brought her boxer to work. That wonderful dog was like a host, walking around, making sure everyone was okay, and visiting. He was fabulous!