Monday, February 15, 2010

Gatherin' Eggs

I spent a lot of time on my grandparents farm as a kid growing up. There was always things to do. And if we got bored grandma would find a chore or two for us. One I wasn't real crazy about was getting the eggs from the chicken house. There always seemed to be one or two hens that just didn't cotton to someone sticking thier hand into the nestbox with them. Some could get pretty wicked with thier beaks.

You wouldn't think such a little critter could get the best of you. But there was a few that I would give up on after my hand starting getting bloody. I'm not real proud of that fact. I guess it's a male ego thing. In the end them awnry ones got eaten eventually. I guess I can take some satisfaction in that fact.

Picture is of grandma Buck with her chickens. X.


  1. My grandmother had a chicken house, too. I was really scared of them. They used to chase me when I ran around playing.

  2. I think every grandma had a chicken house.. at least for us oldies... I simply loved going to the chicken yard with her.. whether it was gathing eggs, or when she would catch one and pop its head off for supper... I am not sure why but it was one place where she amazed me with her abilities.. and always a memory that makes me smile

  3. My grandma did not have a chicken house. At least not while I was growing up; but we had our own chickens! And I would never go for the eggs that had a chicken sitting on them. I probably still wouldn't. Chickens are scary beasts!

  4. I have never been around chicken houses, but in a few weeks we are going to build one like yours. Have heard plenty of stories about the chickens tearing your hands up trying to get their eggs when they didn't want you to have them. I guess I will find out soon enough.


  5. We've had no problems with the chickens in the "chicken tractor". Most of the time when we open the back door to get the eggs, if there is a chicken on one of the nests, it will leave and go outside with the other chickens. X.