Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Angels, Fairies and Guardian Spirits

My mother is a huge Angel fan. Strongly believes in them. Has a large collection of angel statues and figures. So many that is getting harder for me to find one she doesn't have when I'm gift shopping for her.
Many different present day religions hold to the belief in Angels. Most of the earth based religions believe in Fairies and Guardian Spirits.
So, do they actually exist? If you had asked me that question thirty years ago I would have looked at you with disdain and walked off. Pissed off to boot. I didn't believe in much of anything except the law of the jungle at that time in my life. You see, they had lied to me about Santa Claus, they had lied to me about the Easter Bunny, and worst of all they had lied to me about God. I was a full blown atheist and would get angry if someone mentioned God.
What then changed my mind? A progression of events occured in my journey that caused me to believe that there is a positive loving source in our universe. For lack of a better word, for now I will call it God. Some things I read helped. One statement that said, "If you are searching for God, you have already found him". Another that said,"Who are you to say there is no God".
I have tread a very dangerous path in this life. I could not even attempt to count the times that death was just a breath away from me. Waiting to wisp me off to the otherworld.
A few years back it suddenly dawned on me. Something or someone has been protecting me. There is no other way to explain it. Call it an Angel, Fairie or Guardian Spirit or what you wish. Today I believe.
The picture above is a tattoo I have on my shoulder blade. It's a personal joke between me and my Guardian. The joke being that the tattoo is female and that my Guardian might possibly be a male or neither. Xavier


  1. now I have a question for you.... you say your tatoo is a female, yet what is it to say that it is just a male with longer locks... go figure.. whatever the case it is beatiful and am glad you eventually realized your guide... whatever it be...

  2. Just trying to be discreet. Had I shown the entire tattoo, you would certainly have realized it to be female. X.