Sunday, January 24, 2010

Men Do Cook. Really.

I was about 12 when my parents were divorced. I had four other younger siblings, two brothers and two sisters. Mom worked, so we were left to fend for ourselves a lot. Since I wasn't real crazy about doing dishes I wound up cooking a lot. Nothing fancy mind you, just the basics. Most of which wasn't all that healthy. Things like fried potatoes with onions, fried; eggs, bologna, hotdogs, hamburger, sausage etc.
After a while we all spent time at the stove. My sisters were probably more evolved than me and my brothers, but we all could whip up a quick meal when needed. We became pretty good at mixing up a batch of fudge or taffy to help satisfy our sweet tooth.
One of my breakfast favorites was to take a drinking glass and press it into a slice of bread to create a hole. I then buttered the skillet and tossed the bread in, then broke an egg into the center of the bread where the hole was. Instant egg sanwich. Quick way to fix breakfast and save one slice of bread.
After I divorced I found the skills I'd learned as a kid came in pretty handy. I moved on to some more involved recipes. I was more self reliant by being able to cook and not as desperate as some of the males who found themselves in my situation. So, everything considered I think having that experience as a kid has paid off for me.
Picture is of my younger brothers Guy and Chuck cooking breakfast for everyone at my mothers 80th birthday celibration. X.


  1. love those egg sandwiches like that... so good and too easy. still do them every now and then.

  2. Oh, yes, I love those egg sandwiches. Grandma used to make them for me. I, too, learned to cook early because I was also one of those early 'latch key' kids...only I had no siblings. Just learned to cook dinner for me and my parents. My hubby's a great cook. He's Domincan and taught me all to know about cooking Dominican foods. Trouble is, once he taught me, he gave up cooking. Somehow, that just doesn't seem fair to me.

  3. I love to cook but I have to admit that my ex husband was a faaaar superior cook to me. Taught me most of what I know. ;-) So yes, men do cook! =)

  4. I love to cook as well, but it wasn't until after I was divorced that I really came into my own. My ex-wife didn't like me to cook, said I made to much of a mess, hehe. Well, I guess she won't ever know what she was missing out on. BBQ Salmon, Indian cuisine, and the things I do with eggs ... mmm. My dad has become quite the cook as well now that all the kids have left home. He makes the BEST chicken noodle soup ever.

    So yes, men can cook, and we can be exceptional at. It's a very zen and creative experience, and I love it so.