Monday, January 4, 2010

Anyone up for a meeting in the grove?

It's been from 5 to 10 below zero for the last 3 nights here. One of my thoughts has been about beliefs that the druids would gather in the woods for thier meetings and ceremonies. Right about now the part of my brain that thinks logically and uses common sense is thinking that can't be how it was. Especailly in weather like this. Maybe when weather would permit, but it would be fatal with temperatures like this. So I'm thinking they probably had some sort of shelter in the woods for thier gatherings. What do you think? X. Just throwing out some of my random thoughts.

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  1. never really thought about it really,,, however I would think that if they did venture out of doors in such weather that they would be prepared for it with skins and furs of animals for warmth. It is something to ponder as well and research.... but I agree... hard to even imagine being out in such weather....